Design, Consultancy and Construction Supervision
since 1972

Geotecna Progetti is a Design and Consulting Firm operating in Civil Engineering and Geoengineering, which operates in Italy and abroad.
Estabilished in 1972 by Dr. Eng. Giuseppe Baldovin and Partners as Geotecna Technoconsult in order to form a multidisciplinary professional team to design and supervise primary hydraulics and geotechnical works in strict cooperation with an hystorical Italian geotechnical laboratory and academic experts, it assumed its current name in 1974.

Geotecna Progetti carries out the following activities:
  • Design, Consultancy and Construction Supervision for:
    • dams and hydraulic structures
    • hydropower plants
    • tunnels and underground works
    • railways and undergrounds
    • roads and highways
    • water conveyance networks (drinkable, irrigation, industrial use)
  • Studies and services:
    • geology e hydrogeology
    • water research
    • soil and rock mechanics
    • seismic hazard and dynamic analyses
    • instrumentation data control and construction follow up
    • environmental screening and impact assessment
In particular, the Company operates in the hydraulic structures and dams field (both for new interventions as well as for existing works) so much so that reached the milestone of more than 70 designed Dams, of which large part builded, combined with several hydropower plants, water conveyance networks for drinkable, irrigation and industrial use.
In the hydroelectric field, Geotecna Progetti is active both in the realization of new powerplants and in the strengthening of existing structures on behalf of public and private clients.

Regarding the underground structures, more than 500 km of hydraulics, road and railway tunnels have been studied and designed.
The interventions in the urban subway and railway fields are also significant. The Milano "Passante", the Brescia Subway and the Vancouver Canada Line can be mentioned as the most recents.
The technical services for large transport infrastructures (railways, roads) and the geotechnical sector are of particular importance.
In the last years other sectors as monitoring, environmental engineering, seismic, as well as EDP services have been developed.

Geotecna Progetti is directed by an Administrative Board composed by Doc. Eng. Ezio Baldovin, President, and Doc. Paola Baldovin, CEO.
The Technical Directors are Doc. Eng. Ezio Baldovin, Doc. Eng. Andy De Paola and Doc. Geol. Gian Luca Morelli.

The Company is quality certified by Kiwa Cermet Italia n. 4021-A and 4021-E, according to UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2015 for the following items:
  • design and consultancy for civil, hydraulic, transportation constructions;
  • technical services for geology, hydrogeology, soil and rock mechanics, geotechnical and structural monitoring.
Engineers and geologists, strictly connected with experts of the main Italian Universities, and several surveyors and CAD designers compose the staff. The staff structure is organized to face both the single steps of the technical problems and the whole cycle of a Project.

The activities conducted concern:
  • geological and geotechnical studies and investigations;
  • feasibility studies;
  • preliminary design;
  • final design;
  • assistance during construction;
  • construction supervision;
  • materials quality control;
  • numerical models;
  • environmental screening and impact assessment;
  • consultancies and validations.
Geotecna Progetti is registered in the main international organizations lists.

The professionals of Geotecna Progetti are Authors of more than 100 papers and articles for technical conferences and magazines.

Geotecna Progetti participates in a Consortium with other Companies for a total of 80 professionals. Apart Italy, Geotecna Progetti has developed its activities during 40 years in several Countries: Albania, Algeria, Angola, Bolivia, Cameroon, Chile, Congo, Costa Rica, Iran, Iraqi Kurdistan, Libya, Montenegro, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Uganda, Zimbabwe, etc.
(Last update: July 2021)